Sunday, September 18, 2011

White on White Wedding Cake

The following picture shows the details a little better, but the color is slightly off and looks kind of yellow. Close-up of the top tier and topper.

This cake is the biggest I've done yet! Not necessarily because of the height, but the actual amount of cake. The mother-of-the-bride chose this design for her daughter's wedding cake. She wanted to have two sets of tiers, with one containing the little bride and groom in the car topper. Because of the topper I had to use taller than usual columns. She requested a simple white on white cake and decided on fresh flowers to adorn the tiers. I incorporated the scrolly hearts into the design because I knew hearts were a theme for the wedding. I also arranged the flowers once I set the cake up on site. The bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling, the middle two tiers are yellow cake with raspberry filling, and the small top tier is dark chocolate cake. All is frosted with vanilla buttercream.


Michelle said...

Wonderful job. I just love that cake. :)

Anonymous said...

this was the most moist, light and yummy wedding cake that i have ever had! you did such a awesome job, delicious and beautiful!

Darla (the bride's auntie)