Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Huskies Football Baby Shower

For some reason my original post from this cake was deleted or lost.  Here's a replacement post...  This cake was for my sister-in-law's baby shower in March 2011.  She was expecting her first baby, a boy, to be named Don after his Grandpa.  Mommy is a UW graduate and a major Dawg fan!!  Her shower theme was Huskies all the way.  The banner I made to match is going to be used in the baby's nursery.  I cannot recall what flavors are in this cake, I'm thinking one tier was orange creamsicle...  I'm sure it was delicious!  :o)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lots to Look At!

Wow - I have added a lot of cakes from the past couple years! Grab a cup of coffee and browse all the pictures. I would love feedback and comments on your favorites. I think I will be doing more cakes in the very near future so I will share pictures of all my new creations as they are finished. Contact me if you are interested in your own custom cake. Thanks for looking! ~Amy

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy Cake

Toy Story Cake for Kayden

2-Tier Bumble Bee Cake for Baby Shower

Besides the cake, I also made the yummy chocolate dipped marshmallows, the matching banner, and the invitations.

Festive Bridal Shower Cake #2

The flower shape on top is actually made of individual mini cupcakes. The invitation was made by a friend hostessing the shower and was a great inspiration for this cake.

Festive Bridal Shower Cake #1

"Sweet Little Cupcake" 1st Birthday Cake

This sweet little cupcake party was soo fun! The cake was made using my Wilton giant cupcake pan. I also made the cupcakes, cupcake toppers, and banner.

Halloween Cupcakes

Baby Bailee's 2-Tier Pink Baby Shower Cake

I also made this banner to match the cake/party.

Simple Birthday Cake with Flowers

Number 13 Cake

By the birthday boy's request - a carved number 13, and again out of brownies. I'm just glad this sweet boy is actually still requesting cakes from me even though he's a cool teenager now!

Dr. Seuss Cake

This was a fun 1st birthday cake! My good friend Victoria planned this party for her little guy and did a great job. I only did the cake - she did all the rest, including the cute cupcakes with the Cat in the Hat toppers.

Baby Andrew's Shower

This cake is not one of my best (sorry, Leah!!) I was on a diet and unable to make my own buttercream (to taste...). So I used canned frosting and it was HOT out and the layers were sliding all over and it was so crooked by the time it was ready to serve. DON'T worry - I will never use canned frosting again... It's just not stable enough. Lesson learned.

Cinderella Castle Cake

Ariel Under the Sea Cake

Homer Simpson Cake

Cowboy Boot Cake for Griffin

Well, Plan A didn't work out so well. The upright horseshoe fell apart. So here's Plan B and the final cake for my sweet boy Griffin's 1st birthday party.

Baby Cori's Shower Cake

Abigail's Beautiful Baptism Cake

This was a very special cake for our very special Godchild, Abigail. It's on of my favorites that I've done.

Baby Abigail's Shower Cake

More info on this cake HERE...

Baby Lincoln's Shower Cake

Star Wars Cake with Flames

Sponge Bob Cake

Flower Pull-Apart Cake/Cupcakes

Cupcakes arranged as a simple flower - sometimes referred to as a pull-apart cake. White frosting covered with colored sugar sprinkles.

2-Tier Animal Cookie Cake for Piper

So there was no theme to coordinate with for this backyard picnic party. I was in a crunch for time, so decided to use frosted animal cookies for decoration instead of piping something on. There is actually a cupcake on top as a mini-3rd tier or typper, and then the #2 candle on top of that. Simple and cute. I love yellow and pink together.

Dylan's Sports Cake / Brownies

This cake was not cake at all, actually. The birthday boy requested brownies instead. I spread just a thin layer of frosting on top while the brownie cake was still slightly warm. It helped make the frosting melt into a really smooth picture. I left the sides unfrosted since it was brownies instead of a real cake.

Grandpa Dick's 85th Birthday Cake

Chocolate on chocolate - YUM! The birthday boy, Great Grandpa Dick, doesn't care for frosting, so I left the top layer unfrosted on top for him.

Sophia's 1st Birthday Cake

A little history - I took a cake decorating class in 7th grade as a hobby. At the time my mother and I practiced making quite a few cakes, but then after a while not so many at all. I hadn't made a cake using a piping bag or tips for a number of years until Kyle and I were married. Then I think I made him a birthday cake or two, but really wanted to get back into it after our daughter was born. This was her first birthday cake in May of 2007. If I had to do this cake again I would use the next size down heart pan that I have for the top and make it a thicker layer. But it was fun to have a cake to go with our pink and brown polk-a-dot theme.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hello and welcome to my new blog, Party Cakes! I dabble in cake decorating and really enjoy making cakes to match a party's decor. With our immediate and extended family growing so rapidly I have had a lot of opportunities to practice my cake skills. Friends (and friends of friends) started asking - and so I created Party Cakes by Amy!
Bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, baptisms, and anniversaries are always more festive with a cake as the centerpiece. If you would like me to decorate a cake for your next party, send me an e-mail and we can discuss details:

I hope you enjoy this blog. I will be adding pictures and descriptions of all my cakes soon. Please comment often so I am motivated to continue! :o)