Monday, April 30, 2012

Football Brownie-Cake and Cupcakes

My best friend's youngest turned 9 this weekend.  Both of her boys love brownies - so that was the request again for this year.  It was a football themed party - we all wore our favorite team's jersey.  The boys at the party played some flag football and we were all lucky that there was no rain!  The the brownie football cake and cupcakes were decorated with buttercream.  I opted to leave the football unfrosted as opposed to covering it in chocolate frosting.  That way people would be able to recognize that it was brownies instead of cake.  I also made the custom cupcake toppers and the cupcake display stand.  The invitation below was from Party City and served as our inspiration.

Argyle Lil' Angel 3-Tier Birthday Cake

Mini 3-Tier cake for a Lil' Angel turning one!  The bottom 9-inch tier was dark chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling, the middle and top tiers were vanilla cake with banana cream filling.  This cake was designed to coordinate with the party supplies below.  The argyle #1 candle was placed on top at the party.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Little Samarra!

Bumble Bee Cake with Pink Hearts

I had another request for a bumble bee cake.  A few changes from the others... This one is frosted white instead of yellow, and also has little pink hearts on each bee to add a little bit of a girly touch.  This is a dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling - all frosted with buttercream.  The mini-cupcakes that make up the flower are vanilla cake, and I also made the custom topper.

Rochester High School Logo Cake

This 12 inch round cake was donated to Rochester High School Class of 2012 for a benefit auction.  It was an Orange-Kissed Dark Chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.  Originally intended to be served for the guests, but they decided to auction it off instead.  Congratulations Class of 2012!  Have a great grad night party!

Wooden Block Name Banner

Party Season is upon us!  Don't forget to order a custom banner to match your theme.  This one was for a baby shower decorated with classic toys and wooden blocks.

Justin Bieber Cake Topper

Making your own cake and just need a fun topper??  I can do that for you too!  Here's a topper I sent out last week to a customer in Pennsylvania.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mermaid Cake

This is a lemon cake with chocolate cream cheese filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream.  The customer sent me a picture of the invitation to use as inspiration, and she requested a "pink" mermaid on top with blonde hair.  She also requested a custom topper, which I made to coordinate.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rock Climbing Cake

This cake is for a birthday party at an indoor rock climbing center.  It is vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  Pretty simple for this birthday boy.  The rocks are chocolate candies.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Race Track Cake for Griffin

My beautiful boy turned 3 this weekend!  His most recent obsession the past couple months has been race cars - and his favorite color is green.  So we came up with a cute little party to make his day special.  The bottom tier of this cake is dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling. The small top tier is vanilla confetti cake with pistachio whipped cream filling.  I used a black frosting sheet cut into squares to get the checkered effect without having to pipe all those little squares around the cake.  It saved a lot of decorating time.  The race car on top is his favorite from the Cars 2 movie (Francesco), and the "Piston Cup" topper was just a cheap little thing I found at Party City and then customized a little bit.  I also shared a picture of the invitation.

Zoo Themed Cake

I had a request for a 2-tier zoo cake.  The customer was planning on adding the zoo animals from the birthday boy's toy collection.  So, I decided to actually do a half of a third tier just to add a few more areas to add animals.  I left a few open flat areas for some elephants, flamingos, and big cats (some of the little guy's favorites).  I went ahead and piped in a couple of his other favorites, alligators and monkeys.  I'm hoping to see a few pictures from my customer after the animals were added.  The bottom tier of this one is raspberry cake with chocolate cream filling, the middle and top tiers are dark chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling.  All frosted with vanilla buttercream with a few chocolate buttercream details.

Easter Basket Cake

This cake was a great opportunity to practice an old skill I haven't tried since I was about 12...  the basket weave.  It turned out pretty good, far from perfect.  But I like this giant Easter egg cake anyways.  :o)  It is a vanilla confetti cake with pistachio-whipped cream filling.  Happy Easter to everyone!