Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Popcorn Cake

Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Michelle! She requested a cake for her birthday this year, and I told her I would surprise her. She LOVES her popcorn everyday, so I wanted to do a cake like this. It is a three layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. The popcorn on top was freshly popped right before party time.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Blue Baby Shower Short 3-Tier Cake

I added a topper to this and forgot to take a picture! Oh well, the customer might be able to find a picture of the cake at the party with the topper and then I'll add it. This is a short 3 tier cake (short, meaning that each tier is a single layer of cake instead of a double layer with filling). This is lemon cake has raspberry filling between each tier. All frosted with vanilla buttercream. Thanks for the order, Casey!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pink Poodles in Paris Birthday Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made to match the Pink Poodles in Paris party collection from Birthday Express. The customer was thinking about creating matching toppers to go on the cupcakes, so I will share pictures if I get any from her. These were cherry chip cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Happy Birthday, Isabella! Sorry we missed it and can't wait to see pictures! This customer is a preschool mom-friend of mine. She has her own cute digital creations on Etsy. Check out her blog HERE for more info!

Father-Grandfather-Husband Birthday Cake

This cake was for a special man on his 74th birthday. His daughter wanted something special, so I came up with idea of the words kind of wallpapered around the perimeter of the cake. The customer had the idea for the stick people on top, symbolizing the grandchildren. After taking all these pictures I did add one more baby grandchild in the middle.

This was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

White on White Wedding Cake

The following picture shows the details a little better, but the color is slightly off and looks kind of yellow. Close-up of the top tier and topper.

This cake is the biggest I've done yet! Not necessarily because of the height, but the actual amount of cake. The mother-of-the-bride chose this design for her daughter's wedding cake. She wanted to have two sets of tiers, with one containing the little bride and groom in the car topper. Because of the topper I had to use taller than usual columns. She requested a simple white on white cake and decided on fresh flowers to adorn the tiers. I incorporated the scrolly hearts into the design because I knew hearts were a theme for the wedding. I also arranged the flowers once I set the cake up on site. The bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling, the middle two tiers are yellow cake with raspberry filling, and the small top tier is dark chocolate cake. All is frosted with vanilla buttercream.

Choo Choo Train Baby Cake for Lincoln

As you can tell by the all pictures - I really loved this cake! My friend Victoria's little boy, Lincoln, turned 2 this weekend. She choose the adorable train invitations and I made the cake to match and the cupcakes, as well. The cake is vanilla with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream frosting, the cupcakes were chocolate cake and peanut butter frosting. I also decorated the cupcake stand and did the topper.

Victoria does really cute little party details (last year she did a Dr. Seuss party for Lincoln's 1st birthday, which I also made a baby cake for). She had everything set up so cute and party was very enjoyable. Happy 2nd Birthday, Lincoln!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wine at the Beach Cake

This cake was a birthday surprise for a wine lover! A bunch of ladies headed out to the beach to celebrate a 40th birthday. The customer request was for a cake to focus on wine, but with a beach chair scene on top. Also requested was the little sign with the birthday message. I know this group of ladies is having a great time - and I hope they are enjoying the cake as much as the wine! It is a yellow cake with chocolate cream filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream, and topped with a little brown sugar "sand" and white chocolate seashells. Happy Birthday, Heidi!

Vintage Beauty Parlor Cake (Gluten Free!)

This little cake is for a beautiful little girl turning 8. Her birthday party with her girlfriends is at Jack & Jill's Hair Salon, where they will all get their hair and makeup done (I think). Mom asked me to make the cake have a vintage feel with pinks and blues, while daughter asked for SPARKLES! So the top of the cake is covered with sparkles, even though they don't come across in the photos very well. I hope they are pleased with the outcome!

This cake is the first gluten free cake that I've tried. It did not rise like my other cakes, so it is slightly shorter than I expected. But still turned out fine! It is gluten free chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream!

Woodland Tree Stump Cake

This adorable little cake is for a woodland themed bridal shower. The party decor was described as mossy, birds, squirrels, and willow branches. I was so excited to do this simple cake and found the squirrel topper at Michael's crafts (it's not edible). This is a 3-layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate hazelnut filling. It was frosted allover first with the tan layer of vanilla buttercream, and then the dark brown "bark" is a thick chocolate buttercream. Yum!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nurse Appreciation Cake

This cake is for the nursing staff at a local community college to recognize them during faculty week. It is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Thanks for another order, Jolene!

40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

This cake was for my father- and mother-in-law's 40th wedding anniversary last Sunday. The accent color was yellow because their wedding colors 40 years ago were white and yellow - with a few daisies I imagine. :o) The border is small flowers. I also chose to make the frosting "swirly" because I know that's how my mother-in-law likes it to look. The bottom tier was dark chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling, and the top tier was vanilla cake with lemon cream filling. All frosted, of course, with vanilla buttercream. Happy Anniversary, Don and Deniece! Thanks for being such wonderful people. You're the best in-laws a girl could ask for!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Retro Housewife Bridal Shower Cake

Here is the theme for this adorable bridal shower....

Instead of making the cake with the theme decorated all over it - I thought it would be cute to make a very simple cake reminiscent of a 1950's housewife-type cake. The customer request was to make the cake Tiffany Blue, which luckily I had a little Tiffany's jewelry bag to use to match since it's actually more of a teal than blue... This is a vanilla cake with lemon cream filling (sooooo yummy!) and vanilla buttercream frosting. The flower on top is made of royal icing - so it is edible, but is like a hardened sugar candy. I hope to see pictures of this party, as I know the hostess is very thoughtful with cute details. So, Heather, please share pictures of the party with me!!

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

The request was for a 2-tier cake for a baby shower - all white with light blue details, with a brown teddy bear on top (and no polk-a-dots). The customer also wanted the bottom tier square, which was nice because I hadn't done a square cake for a while. It is white cake with raspberry filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting. Thank you for your order, Jeannie! Hopefully I can make more cakes for you in the future!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scrolls and Dots 50th Birthday Cake

Another fun party cake! The bottom tier is raspberry cake with lemon whipped cream filling. The top tier is carrot cake with cream cheese frosting as filling. All is decorated with vanilla buttercream. Custom topper to give it a little more height.

Friday, September 2, 2011

40-50-60 Birthday Cake - 3 Tiers!

This 3-tier cake was made to celebrate 3 different family members having a milestone birthday! The bottom tier is dark chocolate cake filled with cream cheese frosting, the middle tier is vanilla-orange cake filled with vanilla mousse, and the top tier is dark chocolate cake filled with hazelnut mousse. YUM!! All decorated with vanilla buttercream frosting. I was so glad to step a little outside the box for flavor combinations on this cake! The party decorations pictured below were the inspiration for the color scheme. Thanks, Anne, for yet another fun cake order!!