Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach Themed Wedding Cake

The request: A beach themed wedding cake, but also incorporating burgundy and silver. The groom had a fairly detailed drawing for me to use as my guide. He had drawn a pretty elaborate cake with ropes on each layer and a seashell border. I suggested the seashells made of white chocolate and burgundy candy melts. He also wanted a large, edible, castle topper complete with a princess bride awaiting her groom (not edible). Pretty tall order for my FIRST wedding cake! I am very pleased with how it turned out and I believe the bride and groom were, as well. Congratulations, Larry and Debi. Hope you enjoyed your day! Thank you so much for your business.

The topper is crafted of a combination of cake, brown sugar buttercream, and ice cream cones. The princess is a Disney Belle doll (the bride has brunette hair), whose dress I painted white.

All the cake was vanilla and each tier filled with vanilla mousse, all frosted with vanilla buttercream. The white seashells were white chocolate and the burgundy seashells were made of Wilton vanilla flavored candy melts. This cake should have served about 90 people.


Malia said...

Way to go Amy! I'm so impressed with you and the way your just keep challenging yourself and getting better (and reading your blog posts makes me hungry). :)

Victoria said...

That looks great Amy! I bet they loved it! :-)

Michelle said...

Wow Wow!!! That cake is so wonderful. If I was them I would have been very pleased with how it turned out. Love it Love it Love it Love it. Keep doing excellent work.:)

Beth said...

This is an awesome cake, Amy! Way to go out of your comfort zone and do something new. Great job!!