Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation Cupcakes

One of the local schools celebrated the kindergartners' first year with what they call a Q-U wedding ceremony. I guess they have the boys act as one letter and the girls as the other and they walk down an aisle and everything. A friend asked if I would make some cupcakes for the event. The colors were Quince (peach) and Aqua. The point being so the kindergartners always remember to put 'u' after 'q' and a fun way to end the year. I did 4 dozen cupcakes, some vanilla and some chocolate. I also made the little toppers.


Michelle said...

That is a cute idea. A lot of work but, great job. Keep up with the wonderful work you do. :-)

Marisa said...

Amy, you are doing such a great job with all of your cakes. I love looking at them:).