Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rustic 4-Tier Wedding Cake

The first two pictures were onsite at the wedding, this last one was what it looked like as I delivered it to the florist.  The flowers she added were so beautiful.  There was a slight mishap with delivery so the front of the cake was actually turned into the back of the cake and the heart and initials were "carved" into the new front side and there were a few more flowers than originally planned.  But everything worked out and it looked beautiful at the wedding. The 12 inch round bottom tier was vanilla cake with raspberry filling.  The 10 inch tier above that was chocolate cake with vanilla cream filling, above that is an 8 inch tier that was carrot cake with cream cheese filling.  The top tier is a pumpkin spice cake with apple cinnamon cream cheese filling.  All was frosted with off-white buttercream.  Lots of flavors for the guests to choose from!  Nicole & Patrick - thank you for your order and congratulations on your beautiful day!  Becky - thank you for saving the cake. :o)

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