Monday, October 17, 2011

Cornelli Lace 3-Tier Wedding Cake with a "Brooch"

This 3-tier wedding cake was inspired by the bride's dress.  She had a gorgeous cornelli lace gown with a satin sash around her waist with a silver brooch in the center.  The back of the sash was tied in a bow.  I also have a satin ribbon around the middle tier of this cake, but it matched the frosting so well, it didn't stand out in the photo very well.  There is also a bow in the back of the cake with the ends trailing down the bottom tier.  My sister-in-law was the wedding photographer, so I will definitely post her much, much better pictures once she shares them with me.  :o)

The bottom tier is chocolate-vanilla marble cake with vanilla cream filling, the middle tier is vanilla cake with coconut cream filling, and the top tier was the groom's favorite - dark chocolate cake with raspberry filling.  All was frosted with vanilla buttercream frosting.  The "brooch" was also edible, made with silver frosting and sugar sparkles and white nonpareils.  The bride purchased the cute wooden bride and groom cake toppers from Etsy.

Congratulations, Jeff and Lauren!  I hope you had time to enjoy a piece of cake!! :o)  Everything looked beautiful!

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Kora said...

This looks absolutely AWESOME and it sounds yummy, too! The Autumn Leaves cake looks really cool, too...nice work, Ames!